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The ACTI-VET project - ACcess To Inclusive Vocational and Educational Training environments - aims to provide a strategy to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to the labor market through tailor-made educational and training pathways that directly respond to their special needs and expectations.

MY COACH is a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) addressed to the in-company tutors for disabled people who want to improve their competencies: here, they will be trained to become "job coaches" by learning how to create a work environment that is inclusive, participative and accessible.

Through MY COACH training modules, in-company tutors will acquire basic notions to become able to promote autonomy, communication, and integration of disabled people in the workplace, increasing their self-awareness inside the professional environment.

Competence 1


"Union is strength", they say. And in a few other environments like workplace, we have experience of how this is not just a folk saying. However, it is crucial to understand how to collaborate with colleagues in the most efficient and effective way to achieve objectives.

comptetence 2


Adaptability is one of the most typical characteristics of the human being, a living being 'open to the world' (Scheler, 1928), capable of adapting to a multiplicity of changes in terms of time and space.

comptetence 3


Among the key competencies for lifelong learning identified by the European Union, there is entrepreneurship, which among its distinguishing features has the ability to take the initiative, characterised by a sense of agency and pro-activity in achieving objectives.

competence 4

Emotional Intelligence

Those who believe that those with a higher IQ have everything they need to be able to do their job to the best of their ability are sorely mistaken. Indeed, one of the skills that cannot be renounced in the working environment is emotional intelligence.

competence 5


The ability to live in a condition of relative autonomy is essential in everyday life, as well as at work. The significance of autonomy lies in the empowerment of people, improving their quality of life and the level of their self-esteem.

competence 6

Communication skills

"One cannot not communicate": humans communicate as soon as they perceive each other. Besides this fundamental axiom, there is another truth: we can all improve our ability tocommunicate effectively. 

competence 7

Integration and inclusion in the workplace

When a company includes workers with disabilities in its workforce, it does not renounce the quality objectives it intends in the performance of its workers. On the contrary, if it opts for the incorporation of a person with significant limitations due to their disabilities, becomes a generating agent of social welfare.

competence 8

Self-awareness and self-confidence

The last competence we explore is dual, but both sides of it have to do with the self and reflexivity. 

Self-confidence and self-awareness are two sides of the same coin, particularly in the world of work. 

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