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MY COACH – Research and Curriculum Programme for pro-inclusion in-company coaches is a standardized training pathway for in-company coaches that provides them with a set of skills to become able to promote autonomy, communication, and integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.  The curriculum prepares in-company tutors to create tailor-made motivational interventions, calibrated to each user’s needs and requests, and to provide administrative support to apprentices, following them and helping them in complying with all needed bureaucratic requirements. The National ACTeams will contribute to the development of the curriculum, through the participation in specific workshops and interviews and providing them with their ideas and opinions concerning the contents that need to be delivered by partners.

The objective of the workshop was to provide the National Activet Team with ideas and insights concerning the comparative research results. 

This resource pack/toolit aims to teach how to apply each competence to individuals in order to provide a suitable job, depending on their disability 

There are different types of disability that every employer should be aware of before hiring a worker with a disability. Disability does not have to be an obstacle to a successful career. 

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